featured our recent design ‘Terragen’ in its september 2011 issue.
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featured our recent design ‘Hillside’ in its Q7 issue.
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International Property
selected our recent design ‘Terragen’ with a title,‘the best things in life’ in their Volume 18 issue 2.
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Boutique Design
published our latest contemporary fireplace ‘Aurora’ in its May/June issue.
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from Poland featured our recent design ‘Hillside’ in its Q2 2011 issue.
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Architecture and interior design company Flying Cavalries have created a series of unique mobile fireplaces that double as coffee tables. Priced between £5,200 and £5,900, the compact fireplaces, which come in three models - Hillside, Aurora and Terragen – are designed to be positioned anywhere within the home..
Hillside is comprised of an ergonomic sofa chair, and a coffee table, that integrate seamlessly together. Both have been designed using only three natural materials: oak, natural stone, and glass..
Fireplaces are wonderful for providing heat while also being a lovely focal point in your home. But what if they could do more? Design company Flying Cavalries has taken the fireplace to the next level with their three fireplaces designs that do more than just keep you warm..
London-based design house Flying Cavalries presents for us three of their latest fireplace designs that spell fiery grace and flaming charm..
It takes a person with true passion for his comic collectables and movie memorabilia to commission a whole display solution worthy of his prized possessions. The Collection Unit is a beautiful wood and steel cabinet designed and built by Flying Cavalries. The surface is intricately laser engraved with details so clear, it’s a little jaw dropping. It’s not our usual cup of tea but I appreciate the workmanship. Image how this looks at night lit up...
When we talk about the ideal winter evening, I immediately imagine a fireplace, a cup of coffee and my dear ones. Usual fireplaces are always sculptured in a wall and need a chimney running up the roof. In my house it is impossible to do that. When I saw these three Flying Cavalries’ Fireplaces, which are movable, I was thrilled..
Perfect for that huge comic fan of yours, Comic Furniture by Flying Cavalries ensures a truly one-of-a-kind piece of furniture..
All three designs complement the dancing flames, creating a comfort zone and helping you escape from every day stress. Enjoy each of the designs and don’t forget to tell us which one you like most..
Fireplaces have the aura to make your living spaces look regal. On a chilly winter day sitting next to a fireplace with a cup of coffee makes one feel snug, light headed and tranquil. But erecting one comes with a few hang-ups. First they are always sculptured in a wall and need a chimney running up the roof. But Flying Cavalries’ Fireplaces will make your milieu warm and cozy the movable way..
This is another great fireplace from Flying Cavalries, maybe you’ve read other articles about the Terragen fireplace of Flying Cavalries, Terragen. Still carrying the type of “fireplace meet coffee table” but this one with the table surface is made of natural stone. This fireplace named Aurora, which was inspired by the aurora borealis: the polar lights..
Esta bela Lareira Modular de Madeira, Pedra e Vidro foi concebida por Hasan Agar e Kubra Agar da Flying Cavalries. Esta lareira é inspirada nas encostas das colinas montanhosas e ao usá-la, tem-se a sensação de estar em uma encosta com emoções quentes e confortáveis que pode acompanhá-lo enquanto se deita em seu assento ergonômico ao lado do fogo..
Flying Cavalries` main aim has always been to create extraordinary products and they embrace and use cutting edge technologies in their design process. They have always taken their ecological responsibilities seriously, have always used, and continue to use, eco-friendly and natural materials in their projects..
Hillside is one of the fireplace product that is very interesting. The fireplace is inspired by the slope of the hill and use it evoke a sense of being on a hillside. Emotions accompany you warm and comfortable while you are lying flat on the ergonomic chair beside the fire..
Even though in my opinion a volcano inspired fireplace is the best product by UK company, Flying Cavalries, there are also other great fireplaces that it sells. The Hillside is one of them. As you already might have understood it’s inspired by the hillsides and using it evokes the feeling of being on a hillside. Warm and comfortable emotions accompany you whilst you lie on your back on its ergonomic seat beside the fire..
Aunque ya falta menos para la primavera, por ahora sigue haciendo bastante frío y durante un tiempo aún seguiremos disfrutando de chimeneas, estufas y calefacción, que nos proporcionan un agradable ambiente en el hogar. Si os apetece una chimenea, pero no os queréis complicar con la instalación, tal vez podáis pensar en una portátil de las que van incluidas en mesas o en estanterías..
For comic book junkies out there, Flying Cavalries has a display & tv cabinet with bookshelf combo for you to display your figurines right next to your comics. The cabinet combines wood & metal, with laser engraving on the wood face that includes some comic book artwork, to highlight the shelf contents...
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