This fireplace is inspired by those natural phenomena that are a source of enormous energy: volcanoes. The Terragen fireplace will be a source of energy for you, giving you back what you have lost during the day.

Terragen will be the heart of your home. It has been designed with an eye to providing a connection between you and the planet, but it will also help you to refresh the connection between your soul and your body, as you watch the colours of the fireplace merge and integrate with one another: Terragen’s colours go from red and melt into gray. The coloured layering that distinguish and make this fireplace special can be seen both from the top-view of the fireplace, and from the side.

You will be passionate about this sculptural object. It will not only be an astonishing decorative element in your home, but also a functional and stylish coffee table to use every day, and a smokeless ethanol based fireplace to keep you warm in the cold weather.
Flying Cavalries’ Fireplaces
Our fireplaces offer you a unique, warm, and cosy ambience in the comfort of your own home. Often we are overwhelmed by feelings of stress in our daily lives, and open fires can remove this stress by taking us on a deep journey. They warm and relax us as we watch the dancing flames. Our fireplaces offer this incredible comfort in a unique way, and will not only become a centrepiece in your home, but also change your quality of life for the better.

Unlike standard open fires, our fires are compact and mobile, just like any other piece of furniture, and so can be positioned literally anywhere in your home. Our fireplaces are chimney-free, and there is no need for a flue or for bearing walls either. In addition to being functional, practical, and beautiful, our fireplaces are also environmentally friendly: they run on an eco-friendly bioethanol liquid fuel which is both easy and safe to use.

Flying Cavalries’ Fireplaces offer you 2 new free-standing models. They are each inspired by natural elements. They are: Hillside and Terragen.

Please contact us to order it by e-mail. Delivery time is 6 weeks within the UK and can be delivered within Europe.
W130cm x D70cm x H38,5cm
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